Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green stones, Necklace - 0660



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This green stonesnecklace green stonesis green stonesmade green stonesup green stonesof green stonesgreen green stonesflat, green stonesoval green stonesstones, green stones25 green stonesmm green stonesby green stones19 green stonesmm green stonesand green stonesround green stonesgreen green stonesstones, green stones10.5 green stonesmm, green stoneswith green stonesimitation green stonespearl green stonesbeads green stones6.5 green stonesmm. green stonesIt green stoneshas green stones3 green stonesgreen green stonesenamel green stonesleaf green stonesshaped green stonespendants.\rLength: green stones61 green stonescm, green stonesThreaded green stonesbarrel green stonesclasp green stones green stones\rOOAK

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