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Large Jeweled Crown Silicone Mold



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BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL and can stand as a cake centerpiece. The picture shows a dry dusted gumpaste crown ( dusted with highlighter dust and then edible disco dust was added ) \r\r\r\r\rThis is a beautiful silicone mold of a heavily jeweled crown that is perfect as a cake centerpiece..make it thicker and you can use it as a topper too.\r\rThe size is indicated in the first picture. YOu can use this food grade silicone mold for gumpaste, fondant, isomalt, chocolate, candy and a variety of food applications. YOu can also choose to use this for clay but only use it for one purpose and dont mix the usage of the molds\r\rThe molds are made from food grade silicone rubber. it is safe up to a temperature of 400F. They are bendable and flexible and can come to you in yellow, blue and purple\r\rI ship worldwide. US Shipments may take 2-5 days on average. and if you want priority mail, email me first before you make a purchase. International shipments take longer, and average about two weeks. Some take more than a month. It really depends on the postal service. Priority mail is available at $17 for international buyers.

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