Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dead head, Pewter Skull with Lightening Bolt Charm on a Link Chain Necklace- 5204



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Swedenberg'sGold dead headChest dead headJewelersEst.1986 dead headPewter dead headSkull dead headwith dead headLightening dead headBolt dead headCharm dead headon dead heada dead headLink dead headChain dead headNecklace dead headThis dead headlink dead headchain dead headnecklace dead headcomes dead headwith dead heada dead headlead dead headfree dead headpewterpendant dead headthat dead headmeasures dead headapproximately dead head3/4" dead headlong dead headand dead head5/8" dead headwide. dead headThe dead headchainis dead headavailable dead headin dead head18", dead head20", dead head22", dead headand dead head24" dead headlong. dead headThe dead headclasp dead headis dead heada dead headspring dead headring. dead headMeasurement dead headpictures dead headare dead headof dead headpendant dead headonly dead headand dead headare dead headenlarged dead headto dead headshow dead headdetail.

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