Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

repetition, funky rectangular upcycled multicolour pencil and oak wood brooch



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This funkybrooch funkyhas funkybeen funkymade funkyusing funkyrecycled funkyDerwent funkycolouring funkypencils funkyand funkybioresins. funkyWe funkytake funkythe funkyrejected funkypencils funkyfrom funkythe funkyfactory funkyand funkycombine funkythem funkytogether funkyto funkymake funkycolourful funkyblocks funkythat funkywe funkycut funkyand funkyshape funkyby funkyhand funkyto funkycreate funkya funkyunique funkyand funkyindividual funkypiece.The funkyhardwood funkyused funkyin funkythis funkypiece funkyhas funkybeen funkysalvaged funkyfrom funkya funkybuilding funkysite funkyand funkywas funkyharvested funkyin funkya funkytime funkywhen funkypeople funkyknew funkyno funkybetter.Approximate funkysize funky28mm funkyx funky32mmMounted funkyon funkya funkysilver funkycoloured funky funkyfitting funkywith funkybrass funkypins.Please funkynote funkythat funkyas funkyeach funkypiece funkyis funkyunique funkyand funkyindividually funkyhandmade, funkyyours funkymay funkyvary funkyslightly funkybut funkyit funkywill funkybe funkyequally funkystunning.

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