Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

brass, pheasant feather and brass axe earrings



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These vintagegreat vintageearrings vintageare vintagemade vintagefrom vintagebrass vintageaxe vintagefindings vintagedangling vintageon vintagebrass vintagechain vintageand vintagebright vintagered vintagelong vintagepheasant vintagefeathers. vintage vintageThe vintagetop vintageof vintagethe vintageearrings vintageare vintagewrapped vintagewith vintagesteel vintagewire.\r\rThese vintageearrings vintagewould vintagebe vintagegreat vintageas vintagea vintagepair vintageor vintagewear vintageone vintageat vintagea vintagetime vintagefor vintagea vintagereally vintageunique vintagelook\r\rThey vintageare vintage3.5 vintageinches vintagelong\rplease vintageask vintageif vintageyou vintagehave vintageany vintagequestions!

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