Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Geometric pattern silicone moldmold, bordermold, bracelet 7 1/2 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide



In stock



This moldmold moldis mold1 mold1/2 moldinches moldwide moldand mold7 mold1/2 moldinches moldlong.\r\rThe moldresult moldof moldusing moldthe moldmold moldis moldin moldthe moldfirst moldtwo moldphotos. moldStep moldby moldstep moldtutorial moldphoto moldin moldthe moldfollowing moldcollages\r\r\r\r\rThe moldmolds moldare moldmade moldof moldfood moldgrade moldsilicone moldand moldcan moldalso moldbe moldused moldin molda moldwide moldvariety moldof moldfood moldapplications moldlike moldfondant, moldgumpaste, moldchocolate, moldisomalt moldetc. moldIt moldcan moldwithstand moldtemperatures moldup moldto mold400 moldF.\r\r\rThese moldmolds moldare moldvery moldeasy moldto molduse, moldjust moldpop moldthe moldgumpaste moldin moldand moldit moldwill moldcome moldout moldeasily moldafter molda moldfew moldminutes moldof moldyou moldcan moldrefrigerate moldit moldto moldmake moldit moldeven moldeasier. moldThe moldmold moldcan moldbe moldused moldfor moldchocolate, moldfondant, moldgumpaste mold, moldisomalt moldetc. moldIt moldcan moldcome moldto moldyou moldin moldyellow, moldblue, moldpurple moldand moldlilac moldcolors-- moldall moldthe moldsame moldquality, moldjust molddifferent moldbrands.\r\r\r\ri moldwill moldship moldinternationally mold- moldjust moldbe moldaware moldof moldhow moldreliable moldyour moldlocal moldpostal moldservice moldis.. moldTracking moldis moldonly moldavailable moldfor moldexpress moldshipping moldfor moldINTERNATIONAL moldBUYERS mold( moldwhich moldcosts moldtremendously mold) mold, moldother moldthan moldthat, moldthe moldnormal moldtracking moldfor moldinternational moldbuyers moldwill moldonly moldbe moldup moldto moldwhen moldit moldleaves moldthe moldUSA. moldFor moldlocal moldbuyers, moldif moldyou moldrequire moldtracking, moldplease moldlet moldme moldknow, moldit moldis moldan moldadded moldcost. moldThanks mold!

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