Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

glass, Green glass leaves with pearl drops on goldfill wire. Delicate color for an elegant earring



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Translucent glassgreen glassglass glassleaves glassin glasscombination glasswith glasstwo glasswhite glasspear glassshaped glasspearls glassmake glassthese glassearrings glassstand glassout. glassThe glassleaves glassare glass1" glasslong glassand glasshang glassfrom glassa glassgoldfill glassearwire. glassPearls glassare glasssuspended glassfrom glassa glassgoldfill glassstem. glass glassThese glassearrings glassare glassvery glasslight glassweight. glass glassThey glasswill glassaccent glassa glassholiday glassdress glassbeautifully. glassTotal glasslength glass1 glass1/4"

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