Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Sterling Silver 4mm Link Rolo Chain Bracelet



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Swedenberg's\rGold roloChest roloJewelers\r532 roloPatterson roloAve. roloSuite rolo130\rMooresville, roloNC rolo28115\r704-664-GOLD(4653)\rEst. rolo1986\r\rBeautiful roloSterling roloSilver rolo4mm roloLink roloRolo roloChain roloBracelet\r\rThis rolobracelet rolois roloso rolopretty. roloIt rolois roloa rolomedium rolosized rolosterling rolosilver rolorolo rololink rolochain rolobracelet. roloThis rolobracelet rolois rologreat roloby roloitself, roloor roloused roloas roloa rolocharm rolobracelet. roloThe rololinks roloare rolo1/16" roloin rolodiameter. roloThe roloend roloclasp rolois roloa rolosterling rolosilver rololobster roloclaw. roloThis rolobracelet rolois roloavailable roloin rololengths rolofrom rolo7 roloinches roloto rolo9 roloinches. roloYou rolocan rolorequest roloa rolosmaller roloor rololarger rolosize roloand rolowe rolowill rolowork rolowith roloyou.

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