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Jeweled Scallop Silicone Mold



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Jeweled Scallop Silicone mold. measures 1 3/4 inches from left to right and 1 3/4 inches from center to the tip of each side.\r\rShown here using gumpaste ( in all gold ) ,, painted with gold luster dusts and highlighter dust diluted in everclear. you can also use vodka or vanilla/lemon extracts. \rIsomalt ( red ) is half painted with the same mixture of everclear and edible gold dusts\r\rThe molds are made of food grade silicone and can also be used in a wide variety of food applications like fondant, gumpaste, chocolate, isomalt etc. It can withstand temperatures up to 400 F.\r\r\rThese molds are very easy to use, just pop the gumpaste in and it will come out easily after a few minutes of you can refrigerate it to make it even easier. The mold can be used for chocolate, fondant, gumpaste , isomalt etc.It can also be used for non food applications like resin, clay , just do not interchange their uses. \r\r\r\ri will ship internationally - just be aware of how reliable your local postal service is.. Tracking is only available for express shipping for INTERNATIONAL BUYERS ( which costs $45 and above , other than that, the normal tracking for international buyers will only be up to when it leaves the USA. For local buyers, if you require tracking, please let me know, it is an added cost. Thanks !

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