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His And Hers Diamond 14K White Gold .32ct 6MM Matching Wedding Ring Bridal Band Set Mens Womenswedding, His and Herswedding, Wedding Bandswedding, Diamond Bands



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PRODUCT matching bandsDETAILS\rItem matching bands#WR4621SET11Width:6 matching bandsmmMetal: matching bands14k matching bandsWhite matching bandsGoldDiamond matching bandsCut: matching bandsRound, matching bandsBrilliantDiamond matching bandsColor: matching bandsG/HDiamond matching bandsClarity: matching bandsI1-I2Diamond matching bandsCarat: matching bands0.32Diamond matching bandsSetting: matching bandsBezel\r\r.32CT matching bandsDiamond matching bandsHis matching bandsHers matching bandsWedding matching bandsBand matching bandsSet matching bands14K matching bandsWhite matching bandsGold matching bandsMatching matching bandsBrushed matching bandsRings\rThis matching bandsmatching matching bandshis matching bandshers matching bandsset matching bandsfeatures matching bandstwo matching bands6mm matching bandsband matching bandswith matching bandsround matching bandscut matching bandsnatural matching bandsdiamonds.

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