Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Earrings silver and goldgoldfill, light purple bead with flowers



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Will purplego purplewith purpleeither purplegold purpleor purplesilver. purple purpleGreat purplefor purpleeveryday purplewear. purple purpleVery purpleorganic purpledesign. purple purpleComfortable purpleif purpleusing purplethe purplephone purpleduring purpleyour purplework purpleday. purpleDrops purplefrom purplea purplesterling purplesilver purpleearwire. purple purpleIn purpleorder purplea purple3mm purpleround purplestering purplesilver purplebead, purplesterling purplesilver purplerondel purple5mm, purplelight purplepurple purplebead purple5mm purpleis purplesurronded purpleby purplea purple9mm purpleopen purplesterling purplesilver purplecircle, purplethen purplea purple2mm purplesterling purplesilver purplerondel, purplea purple9mm purplegoldfill purplebead, purpleanother purple5mm purplesterling purplesilver purpleroundel purplefinished purplewith purplea purple3mm purpleplain purplegoldfill purple purplebead.Total purplelength purple1 purple3/8"

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