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dichroic, Hand Etched Green and Gold Leaf Pendant



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This leavesvibrant leavespendant leaveswas leavesfused leavesin leavesa leaveskiln leavesand leavesannealed leavesfor leavesstrength leavesand leavesdurability. leavesI leavesthen leavesgrind leavesthe leavesedges leavesfor leavesbeauty leavesand leavescomfort leavesand leavesre-fire leavesit leavesin leavesa leaveskiln leavesto leavescreate leavesbeautiful leavespolished leavesedges. leaves leavesThe leavesleaf leaveswas leaveshand-etched leavesto leavesgive leavesyou leavesa leavesone-of-a-kind leavespendant. leavesThe leavesdichroic leavesglass leavesis leavesaurora leavesborealis leavesso leavesit leaveshas leavesshades leavesof leavesgreen leavesand leavesgold.\r\rBecause leavesdichroic leavesglass leavesis leavesa leaveschallenge leavesto leavesphotograph, leavesthe leavescolors leavesmight leavesbe leavesslightly leavesdifferent leavesin leavesreal leaveslife. leavesThe leavesbeauty leavesof leavesdichro leavesis leavesseeing leavesvarious leavescolors leavesin leavesdifferent leaveslight leavessettings.\r\rThis leavespendant leavesmeasures leaves1.75" leaveslong leavesand leavesis leavesattached leavesto leavesa leavessilver leavesplated leavesbail leavesthat leaveswill leavesfit leavesmost leavesif leavesyour leavescords leavesand leaveschains. leavesAll leavesmy leaveschains leavesare leavessold leavesseparately, leaveswhich leaveswill leavesbe leavesavailable leavesin leavesmy leavesshop leavessoon.\r\rEach leavespendant leavescomes leaveswith leavesa leavesfun leavesleopard leavesprint leavesgift leavesbox leavesand leavesa leavesfree leaves30" leavesnon-fade leavessatin leavesstrap!\r\rAll leavespendants leavesare leavesshipped leavesfirst leavesclass leavesvia leavesUSPS leaveswith leavesinsurance.\r\rThank leavesyou leavesso leavesmuch leavesfor leavesvisiting leavesmy leavesETSY leavesshop!

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