Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

butterfly brooch, Vintage Butterfly Brooch with Abalone Shell and Acryllic Stones



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This shell broochis shell broocha shell broochbeautiful shell broochbutterfly shell broochbrooch. shell brooch shell broochThe shell broochcolors shell broochin shell broochthis shell broochpiece shell broochmake shell broochit shell broochextremely shell broochversatile. shell brooch shell broochThe shell broochamber, shell broochgreen, shell broochpink shell broochshell shell broochinlay shell broochand shell broochabalone shell broochtones shell broochmix shell broochperfectly shell broochtogether.\r\rMeasures: shell brooch1 shell brooch3/4 shell broochinches shell broochtall shell broochand shell brooch1 shell brooch1/2 shell broochinches shell broochwide.\r\rThank shell broochyou shell broochfor shell broochstopping shell broochby shell broochour shell broochshop, shell broochplease shell broochcheck shell broochback shell broochoften shell broochas shell broochour shell broochinventory shell broochis shell broochconstantly shell broochchanging.

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