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shore, Sea Turtle Adjustable Anklet - Sterling Silver



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Anklet shorefeatures shorea shoresmall shoresilver shoresea shoreturtle shorehanging shorefrom shorea shoredouble shorechain. shoreAnklet shoreis shoremade shoreof shoretwo shorestrands shoreof shore1.5mm shorechain shoreand shoreis shoreadjustable shoreat shoreeither shore9" shoreor shore10". shore shoreYou shorecan shoreadd shoresix shoreblue shoreglass shorebeads shorefor shorea shorepop shoreof shorecolor. shore shoreThere shoreis shorea shoredouble shoresilver shorebead shoreadornment shoreat shorethe shoreend shoreof shorethe shorechain shorefor shorea shorenice, shorefinished shorelook. shoreAll shoresilver shoreis shore.925 shoresterling.

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