Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Cabochon Stacking Bangles - one suppliedbangle, peach moonstone and citrine available



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Delicate bangle4mm banglegem banglecabochons bangleset bangleon banglesterling banglesilver banglehammered banglebangles, bangle2.3 banglex bangle1.5mm bangleD bangleshaped banglewire. bangleMix bangleand banglematch banglethe banglecolours banglefor banglea banglestunning bangleeffect. bangleShown banglehere bangle- banglePeridot, bangleAmethyst, bangleMoonstone, bangleCitrine, bangleSwiss bangleblue bangleTopaz. bangleMany bangleother banglestones bangleavailable, bangleplease banglecontact bangleus. bangle\u00a325 banglefor bangleone, bangle\u00a345 banglefor bangletwo, bangle\u00a365 banglefor banglethree. banglePlease banglecontact bangleus bangleif bangleordering banglemore banglethan bangleone.All bangleour banglejewellery bangleis banglepresented banglein bangleblack banglevelvet banglepochettes bangleor banglegift bangleboxes.

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