Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

thai silver, THAI STERLING BRACELET - Central Etched Floral Design - Hallmarked - Link Design



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ESTATE thai silverVINTAGE thai silverFLORAL thai silverARTISAN thai silverTHAI thai silverSILVER thai silverLINKED thai silverBRACELET thai silver thai silverWITH thai silverFLORAL thai silverTEXTURED thai silverDESIGNGoddessandco thai silveris thai silverpleased thai silverto thai silveroffer thai silverfor thai silversale thai silverthis thai silverbeautiful thai silverThai thai silversilver thai silverlinked thai silverbracelet thai silverwith thai silvershiny thai silversilver thai silvercurved thai silverlinks. thai silverThe thai silvercentral thai silverflower thai silveris thai silverbeautifully thai silveretched thai silvercreating thai silvera thai silvercontrasting thai silvertexture thai silverbetween thai silvercenter thai silverand thai silverlinks.HallmarkedA thai silverReal thai silverBeauty!!!SIZE: thai silver thai silver8 thai silverinches thai silverin thai silverlength,MEASUREMENT: thai silverClasp thai silveris thai silver17 thai silvermm thai silverin thai silverdiameter. thai silverFlower thai silveris thai silver30 thai silvermm thai silverin thai silverdiameterWEIGHT:22.32 thai silvertotal thai silvergram thai silverweight

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