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september pendant, Petite Royal Blue Sapphire and Diamond Pendant in 14k Gold -EB635



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Pretty september pendantround september pendantRoyal september pendantBlue september pendantSapphire, september pendantapproximately september pendant.05 september pendantcts., september pendantand september pendant.01 september pendantct. september pendantround september pendantDiamond september pendantPendant september pendantin september pendant14k september pendantYellow september pendantGold. september pendantMeasures september pendant3/4\u201d september pendantlong september pendantx september pendant1/4\u201d september pendantwide. september pendantTotal september pendantWeight september pendant1.0 september pendantgrams. september pendantSapphires september pendantare september pendantSeptember\u2019s september pendantBirthstone.

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