Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

black onyx, Earthy and Ethnic



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The double strandidea double strandfor double strandthis double stranddesign double strandstarted double strandwith double strandthe double strandtwo-hole double strandObsidian double strandbeads double strand(3/4" double strandx double strand1/2"). double strand double strandThe double strandother double strandbeads double strandused double strandare double strandPhilipine double strandWood, double strandGreen double strandGarnets, double strandTurquoise double strandand double strandSterling double strandSilver. double strand double strandIt double strandcloses double strandwith double stranda double strandSterling double strandSilver double strandmagnetic double strandsliding double strandclasp double strandand double strandis double strand7 double strand1/4" double strandlong.

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