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loose stone, 24.47CT Synthetic Spinel Green Oval Cut Loose GemStone



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24.47CT synthetic stoneSynthetic synthetic stoneSpinel synthetic stoneGreen synthetic stoneOval synthetic stoneCut synthetic stoneLoose synthetic stoneGemStoneDescriptionColor: synthetic stoneVery synthetic stoneLight, synthetic stoneSlightly synthetic stoneYellowish synthetic stoneGreenCut: synthetic stoneOval synthetic stoneShapeRI: synthetic stone1.728Singly synthetic stoneRefractive synthetic stone(SR)No synthetic stonePleochroismMagnification: synthetic stoneLow synthetic stoneThermal synthetic stoneConductivity. synthetic stoneLarge synthetic stoneTable synthetic stoneWith synthetic stoneWindowing synthetic stoneEffect. synthetic stoneAbrasion synthetic stoneAt synthetic stoneFacet synthetic stoneJunction, synthetic stoneStrong synthetic stoneCross-Hatching synthetic stonein synthetic stonePolariscopeWeight: synthetic stone24.47CTDimensions: synthetic stone21.90mm synthetic stonex synthetic stone15.97mm synthetic stonex synthetic stone8.55mm synthetic stoneColor synthetic stoneFilter: synthetic stoneInertAll synthetic stoneof synthetic stoneour synthetic stonestones synthetic stonewere synthetic stoneidentified synthetic stonewith synthetic stonea synthetic stoneGIA synthetic stoneGraduate synthetic stoneGemologist synthetic stoneand synthetic stoneare synthetic stone100% synthetic stoneAuthentic synthetic stoneNOT synthetic stoneSYNTHETICMONEY synthetic stoneBACK synthetic stoneGUARANTEEIf synthetic stoneyou synthetic stonehave synthetic stoneany synthetic stonequestions synthetic stoneor synthetic stoneconcerns synthetic stoneplease synthetic stonefeel synthetic stonefree synthetic stoneto synthetic stonemessage synthetic stoneus synthetic stoneat synthetic stoneany synthetic stonepoint!Thank synthetic stoneYou!

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