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Choc Chip Cookie Earrings - Clay Jewelleryclay, Stud Earringsclay, Foods Jewellery



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\ud83c\udf6a food jewellery food jewelleryChoc food jewelleryChip food jewelleryCookie food jewelleryEarrings food jewellery- food jewelleryHandmade food jewelleryclay food jewelleryjewellery food jewelleryby food jewelleryRisaracrafts.Perfect food jewellerygift food jewelleryfor food jewelleryany food jewelleryoccasion!\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273fDETAILS:Care food jewelleryinstructions: food jewelleryThese food jewelleryearrings food jewelleryare food jewellerysplash food jewelleryproof. food jewelleryNot food jewellerysuitable food jewelleryto food jewellerywear food jewelleryfor food jewelleryany food jewellerywater food jewelleryactivities food jewelleryor food jewelleryshowering.Materials: food jewellerySilver food jewelleryear food jewelleryposts, food jewelleryHandcraft food jewelleryclay\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273f\u273fPLEASE food jewelleryNOTE:Before food jewellerypurchasing, food jewelleryplease food jewellerynote food jewellerythat food jewelleryas food jewellerythese food jewelleryaccessories food jewelleryare food jewelleryindividually food jewelleryhandcrafted, food jewellerythere food jewellerymay food jewellerybe food jewelleryvariations food jewelleryin food jewellerysizes, food jewelleryshapes food jewelleryand food jewellerycolours. food jewelleryDue food jewelleryto food jewellerythe food jewelleryhandmade food jewellerynature food jewelleryof food jewellerythe food jewelleryitems, food jewelleryminor food jewelleryfingerprints food jewellerymay food jewellerybe food jewellerypresent food jewelleryon food jewellerysome food jewellerysurfaces. food jewelleryPlease food jewellerybe food jewellerysure food jewelleryto food jewellerycheck food jewelleryout food jewellerymy food jewelleryshipping food jewellery& food jewellerypolicies food jewelleryas food jewellerywell! food jewelleryIf food jewelleryyou food jewelleryhave food jewelleryany food jewelleryfurther food jewelleryquestions, food jewelleryplease food jewellerydon\u2019t food jewellerybe food jewelleryhesitate food jewelleryto food jewellerycontact food jewelleryme! food jewelleryThank food jewelleryyou!

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