Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Catholic chapelcatholic, rosary striated glass beads and resin beads carved cross in vegetable ivory



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This ivoryrosary ivoryis ivoryentirely ivorymade ivoryby ivoryhand, ivorypearl ivoryafter ivorypearlsIt ivoryis ivorycomposed ivoryof ivorypretty ivory6 ivorymm ivorystriped ivoryglass ivorybeads ivoryof ivorybrown, ivoryorange ivoryand ivorywhite ivorycolorBetween ivorythe ivorydozens ivorya ivorypretty ivorypearl ivoryof ivoryfinely ivorycarved ivoryresin ivoryof ivory8 ivorymmThe ivorycentral ivorybead ivoryis ivoryalso ivorymade ivoryof ivorywhite ivoryresin ivoryand ivoryis ivory10 ivorymmIt ivoryis ivorya ivoryrosary ivoryor ivorya ivoryRoman ivoryCatholics ivorycomposed ivoryof ivory55 ivorypearlsIn ivorydetail ivory5 ivorytens ivoryand ivoryfive ivorybeads ivorywith ivorycrossSize ivoryof ivorybeads ivory6 ivorymm, ivory8 ivorymm ivoryand ivory10 ivorymmthe ivoryIvory ivoryCross ivoryV\u00e9g\u00e8tal ivoryor ivoryIvorian ivoryis ivoryan ivoryEgyptian ivorycross ivoryalso ivorycalled ivoryAnkhHeight ivoryof ivorythe ivorycross ivory3.5 ivorycmCross ivorywidth ivory2.5 ivorycmHeight ivoryof ivorythe ivoryrosary ivory55 ivorycmThis ivorymodel ivoryis ivoryunique ivoryits ivoryrealization ivorytook ivory2 ivoryhours ivoryand ivory30Beware, ivorythe ivorysetting ivoryand ivorybrightness ivoryof ivoryyour ivoryscreen ivorycan ivorychange ivorythe ivorycolors ivoryof ivorythe ivoryphotos. ivoryIt ivoryis ivorytherefore ivorypossible ivoryto ivoryhave ivoryslight ivorydifferences ivorybetween ivorythe ivoryphoto ivoryof ivoryyour ivoryscreen ivoryand ivorythe ivoryobject.

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