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purple, Catholic Rosary Beads - Purple Jade Filigree 5 Decade Rosary with Silver Cross and Center



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The jaderosary jadeis jademade jadewith jadeRoyal jadePurple jadeJade jadewith jadesilver jadefiligree jadebeads jadeand jadea jadesilver jadeCrucifix jadeand jadeVirgin jadeMary jadecenter. jadeThis jadeis jadea jadetraditional jade5 jadedecade jadecatholic jaderosary. jadeCenter jadeand jadeCrucifix: jadedie jadecast jadesilver-plated jadeoxidized jademetal jade*made jadein jadeItaly***All jaderosary jadecomes jadewith jadea jadevelvet jadejewelry jadebag**

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