Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Red Coralnecklace, Bandednecklace, faceted Agatenecklace, Turquoise drop Necklace-5 ouncesnecklace, 2 grms- 18" long- 2235



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Georgeous, facetedGeorgeous!! facetedbanded, facetedfaceted facetedagate facetedabout faceted1-1/4X3/4"--turquoise faceteddrop faceted30X40 facetedmm faceted( facetedI facetedhave facetedexamined facetedthis facetedpiece facetedwith faceteda facetedloupe. facetedsmall facetedwhite facetedchip facetedtumbled facetedsapphires facetedseperate facetedthe facetedstones. facetedThese facetedstones facetedare facetedout facetedof facetedthis facetedworld. faceted facetedJust faceteda facetedgeorgeous facetednecklace- facetedtextured facetedcomposite facetedmetal facetedtoggle facetedand facetedring facetedclosure.

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