Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Valk Ring [Made to Order]



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The onyxValk onyxring onyxis onyxinspired onyxby onyxthe onyxclassic onyxchevron onyxwith onyxnature's onyxinfluence onyxof onyxtwo onyxbranch-like onyxpoints onyxmeeting onyxinto onyxa onyx\u2018V\u2019. onyxAt onyxits onyxcenter onyxsits onyxa onyxrose onyxcut onyxpear onyxshape onyxstone onyxand onyxa onyxround onyxWhite onyxSapphire onyxunderneath onyxit. onyxEach onyxpiece onyxis onyxhandcrafted onyxin onyxSterling onyxSilver.Each onyxstone onyxis onyxhand onyxcut onyxto onyxfit onyxwith onyxa onyxrose onyxcut onyxfinish onyxfor onyxan onyxextra onyxshimmer. onyxDue onyxto onyxthe onyxnature onyxof onyxstones, onyxeach onyxis onyxunique onyxwith onyxslight onyxvariations onyxof onyxcolor. onyxIts onyxname onyxis onyxoriginally onyxfrom onyxthe onyxValkyrie, onyxalso onyxknown onyxas onyxthe onyxtransporters onyxof onyxthose onyxslain onyxin onyxbattle onyxto onyxthe onyxglory onyxof onyxValhalla onyxin onyxNorse onyxMythology. onyxThese onyxladies onyxwere onyxknown onyxfor onyxtheir onyxmagic, onyxelegance, onyxand onyxstrength.This onyxring onyxcan onyxbe onyxlayered onyxlike onyxring onyxarmor onyxor onyxworn onyxas onyxa onyxpowerful onyxstatement onyxseparately. onyxIf onyxyou onyxwould onyxlike onyxa onyxcustom onyxcombination onyxof onyxstones, onyxplease onyxlet onyxus onyxknow onyxyour onyxchoice onyxof onyxcenter onyxpear onyxshape onyxstone onyxand onyxround onyxunderneath onyxit onyxat onyxits onyxcenter.

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