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bulk order, Silver Diamond Female Symbol Charm With Rainbow Moonstone SDC1798



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Sterling female symbolSilver female symbolDiamond female symbolFemale female symbolSymbol female symbolCharm female symbolWith female symbolRainbow female symbolMoonstone female symbolESDC1798\r\rMetal female symbol\u2013 female symbol925 female symbolSterling female symbolSilver female symbolRhodium female symbolFinish\r\rSize: female symbol10 female symbolx female symbol21 female symbolmm\r\rDiamond female symbolwt: female symbol0.180 female symbolct\r\rGross female symbolwt: female symbol1.230 female symbolgm\r\rAll female symbolweight female symboland female symboldimensions female symbolare female symbolapproximate. female symbolIt female symbolvaries female symboleverytime female symbolwe female symbolproduce female symbolit.\r\rSku: female symbol|SDC1798|

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