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pearl, Pendant + earrings in mother-of-pearl



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In snailmy snailworkshop snailhandmade snailand snailindividual snailmother-of-pearl snailpendant snailwith snailassociated snailearrings.An snailabsolute snailone-of-a-kind, snailbecause snaildepending snailon snailthe snaillight snailexposure, snailthis snailset snailof snailearrings snailandPendant snailin snailmany snaildifferent snailcolors.Suitable snailfor snailmany snailoccasions snailand snaildifferent snailgarments.The snailpendant snailcan snailbe snailused snailfor snailall snailsilver snailchains snailthat snailcan snailalso snailbe snailbought snailfrom snailme.Size snailpendant: snailAbout snail4 snailcm snailx snail1 snailcmSize snailearrings: snailAbout snail4 snailcm snailx snail1.3 snailcmThe snailjewellery snailis snailsent snailtogether snailwith snaila snailhigh-quality snailand snailelegant snailgift snailwrapping snailmade snailof snailhandmade snailpaper.It snailis snailavailable snailin snailthe snailcolours snailgreen, snailblue, snailturquoise, snailpink, snailred snailand snailorange.Please snailindicate snailthe snailcorresponding snailcolour snailrequest snailwhen snailordering.

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