Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

simply, Chain turquoise magnesite stainless steel



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Elegant shortnecklace shortchoker shortwith shortlarge shortmagnesite shortgemstone shortnugget shortin shortbox shortshape, shortflanked shortby short2 shortsilver shortplated shortbeads shortwith shortMexico shortAztec shortpattern. short- shortCasual shortand shortclassy shortat shortthe shortsame shorttime!Dimensions:approx. short40 shortcm short(medium shortcollier shortlength, shortfor shortall shortthose shortwho shortlike shortto shortmix shortin shortthe shortcurrent shortlayering shortstyle!) shortPlease shortnote shortthat shortnatural shortmaterials shortmay shorthave shortsmall shortnatural shortirregularities shortthat shortdo shortnot shortrepresent shorterrors, shortbut shortcontribute shortto shortthe shorttypical shortvibrancy shortand shortdiversity shortof shortthe shortproduct shorttype.YOUR shortSTYLISH shortCHOICE shortFOR shortEVERY shortOCCASION******************************************

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