Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mothers necklace, Mother's Necklace Personalized with Initial and Heart



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This heart charmsimple heart charmnecklace heart charmincludes heart charman heart charminitial heart charmaccented heart charmwith heart charma heart charmheart heart charmstamped heart charmonto heart charma heart charm1/2" heart charmstainless heart charmsteel heart charmcircle. heart charmThe heart charmcharm(s) heart charmwill heart charmhang heart charmon heart charman heart charm18" heart charmstainless heart charmsteel heart charmchain.CLICK heart charmSHIPPING heart charmAND heart charmPOLICIES heart charmUNDER heart charmPHOTO heart charmto heart charmcheck heart charmestimated heart charmshipping heart charmtime heart charmand heart charmto heart charmread heart charmother heart charmimportant heart charminformation heart charmbefore heart charmpurchase.

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