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Set of 4 Antique Silver Coin Pendants from Tunisiacoin, Old Silver Coins



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This silveris silvera silverset silverof silver4 silverold silversilver silvercoin silverpendants silverfrom silvertunisia, silverworn silverand silversmooth silverfrom silvermany silveryears silverof silverwear. silverFrom silverthe silverIslamic silveryear silver1308-1309-1329-1334 silverwhich silveris silverequivalent silverto silver1891-1892-1911-1916 silver silverin silverthe silverWestern silvercalendar.\u00a0These silvercoins silverused silverin silvernecklaces. silver silverLength silver: silver silverfrom silver3,2 silvercm silverto silver3,4 silvercm silverDiameter silver: silver2,7 silvercm silverTotal silverWeight silver: silver43 silverg

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