Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

made in usa, Sorm Clouds & Rain #AB- 013 or Geometric Patterns #AB-014 or AB-015 Choice of One (1) Hand Crafted Solid Aluminum Bracelets 6in x 1/4in



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This hand madeis hand madea hand madeHAND hand madeCRAFTED hand madeALUMINUM hand madeCUFF hand madeBRACELET. hand madeIt hand madeis hand madea hand made6" hand madeLONG hand made1/4" hand madeWIDE hand madecuff. hand made hand madeThe hand madeSolid hand madeALUMINUM hand madeBracelet hand madeis hand madeHAND hand madeSTAMPED hand madewith:#AB-013 hand madeSTORM hand madeCLOUDS hand made& hand madeHEAVY hand madeRAIN hand madeor#AB-014 hand madeSTAMPED hand madeWITH hand madeA hand madeGEOMETRIC hand madePATTERN hand madeor hand made#AB-015 hand madeSTAMPED hand madeWITH hand madeANOTHER hand madeGEOMETRIC hand madePATTERN hand made hand madeIt hand madewill hand madefit hand madea hand madeWomens hand made-Large hand madeor hand madea hand madeMan's hand madeMEDIUM hand madeWrist. hand madeThe hand madePictures hand madeshould hand maderepresent hand madethe hand madesize hand madeand hand madeopening. hand madeEACH hand madePURCHASE hand madeIS hand madeFOR hand madeONE hand made(1) hand madeOF hand madeTHE hand madeCUFFS hand madeLISTED.ANY hand madeQUESTIONS hand madeOR hand madeCONCERNS hand madeE-MAIL hand madeME hand madeTHRU hand madeETSY

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