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ohm beads, True Beadz Silver Bead - Leaf-fall



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True true beadzBeadz true beadzSilver true beadzBead true beadz- true beadzLeaf-fall true beadzThis true beadzis true beadzan true beadzauthentic true beadzTrue true beadzBeadz true beadz(bead) true beadzand true beadzis true beadznew.Please true beadzmessage true beadzme true beadzif true beadzyou true beadzhave true beadzany true beadzquestions. true beadz true beadzBead true beadzcolor true beadzmay true beadzappear true beadzslightly true beadzdifferent true beadzin true beadzperson true beadzdue true beadzto true beadzcomputer true beadzmonitor true beadzor true beadzcellphone true beadzsettings/display. true beadz true beadzPlease true beadznote true beadzthat true beadzthe true beadzbracelet true beadzis true beadznot true beadza true beadzpart true beadzof true beadzthe true beadzlisting.

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