Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Colorful Little Butterfly Enamel on Copper Pendant with Sterling Silver



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Pendant coppersize copperis copper7/8" copper[Nickel coppersize]\rThis copperpendant copperwas coppermade copperby coppersifting copperand copperhand copperpainting copperenamels copperonto coppercopper copperwith coppermultiple copperfirings copperin coppera copperkiln. copperA copperhandmade copperbale copperof coppersterling coppersilver copperis copperatop copperthe coppercolorful copperdesign copperto coppercomplete copperthe copperpendant. copperThe copperbackside copperis coppercounter copperenameled copperin copperblack.\r** copperA copper16" copperSterling copperSilver copperDiamond copperCut copperFigaro copperLink copperis copperincluded. copper copper(pictured copperin copperphoto)\r** copperArrives copperin coppera copperBeautiful copperBlue copperBox copper copperin coppera copperPolka copperdotted copperPouch.

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